A selection of some of our published legal articles…

Award-Winning Legal Articles in the National Magazine

These four National articles by Janice won top honours in the Canadian Business Press Kenneth R. Wilson Awards:

The New Drug Wars,” (PDF) National, January/February 2008
2009 Top Five Winner for “Best Feature Article”

“Attack of the Robo-Lawyer,” National, October/November 2006
2007 Silver Winner for “Best Professional Article”

Mucalov first provides compelling evidence that virtual lawyering is on the way, thanks to developments in artificial intelligence software. Having established this is a coming reality, not science fiction, she then suggests ways to benefit from the trend by turning the potential competition into complementary services instead. A very good example of news-you-can-use journalism.
~ K.R. Wilson Awards

 “Crash,” National, January/February 2002
2003 Top Ten Finalist for “Best News Coverage”

“Asked & Answered: 10 Questions About Law Office Management,” National, June/July 1999
2000 Top Five Winner for “Best How-To Article”

Canadian Bar Association PracticeLink Legal Articles

Some of our legal articles published in PracticeLink:

Lenders or Pensioners: Who’s ahead after Indalex?

Looming Impacts for Lawyers in Pending Appeal Court Decision

Creative Career Breaks

Career Alternatives for Lawyers

Self-Assessment: Exploring an alternative career

Greening Your Law Firm

Lawyers: Gatekeepers for Psychological Issues

A 10-Step Program for Becoming Partner

Acting for Family and Friends: Assessing the risks and handling requests

What to Look For in a Partnership Agreement

A Recession Coping Guide for Canadian Law Firms

10 Ways Law Firms Lose a Lot of Money

Better Public Speaking for Lawyers

Hiring and Working With Support Staff: A guide for solo and small firm lawyers

Planning Ahead for Partner Retirement

Distinguish Your Law Firm by Publishing an Annual Review

Let it Go: Why lawyers need to take vacations

Guide to Time Management for Lawyers

Published “You and the Law”® columns

Our “You and the Law”® columns are published throughout B.C. in community and daily newspapers – from the Kelowna Daily Courier to English-language ethnic newspapers such as The Voice (for the Indo-Canadian community in Surrey) – sponsored in each case by a local law firm. See Sample Newspaper Column/Ads.

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