Buy a Lemon? Get Your Money Back

Beware Door-to-Door Sales Pitches

Incorporating a Company Not So Simple

Buying or Selling a Business

What is a Breach of Contract?

Protecting Your Shareholder Loan

Gift With Strings Can Be a Problem

Selling Your Business for the Best Price

Solutions for Shareholder Disputes

Is a Written Contract the Whole Agreement?

Shareholder’s Agreement Important for Private Companies

Passing Down the Family Business

Protect Your Trade Secrets From Theft and Competition

Franchise is a Good Way to Start a Business

Partnership Agreement Important for Business Partners


When Can Police Just Bust into Your Home?

A Criminal Conviction Can Cost You Plenty

Caught Shoplifting? Now What?

How to Avoid a Criminal Record

Employee Theft is Still Theft – or is it?

Questioned by Police? What are the Rules?

Pulled Over at a Roadside Checkstop?

Busted for Pot Possession?

Immediate Roadside Prohibitions: What’s the Deal?

Drug Evidence and Your Charter Rights


Significantly Unfair Pre-Nup May Not Stand Up

Can You Move With Your Kids After Divorce?

Must You Share a Money Gift With Your Ex?

Can You Keep Your Family Law Judgement Private?

Unequal Division of Property After You Split

Can You Undo a Child Abduction by Your Spouse?

Child Support Re-Examined

Trouble Sorting Things Out With Your Ex? There’s Help

What Can You Do About Parental Alienation?

Spousal Support and Income Inequality – a Trend Arrested?

Pre-Marriage Agreements – Think Insurance

Who Gets What When You Split Up?

You Must Try to be Financially Self-Sufficient After Divorce

When Is it Unfair to Split Family Assets Equally?

To Sort Out Post-Breakup Issues, Think Mediation

Is a Book of Business Family Property?

Passport Alert and Travelling With Kids

Early Retirement and Spousal Support

Can You Stop Paying Support if Your Ex Re-Partners?

Family Law Rules for Moving With Your Children

New Law for Live-In Lovers

Act Fast to Claim Past Child Support

New Option for Moving With Children

Finances are Public in Divorce Cases

Spouse Can Get Retroactive Support

Support Orders Are Never Final

Spouse May Have to Pay For Affair

Splitting the Business a Family Affair

Living “Separate and Apart” in the Same House

Separation Agreement Best in Most Cases

When You Separate, Who Should Move Out?

“In Sickness and Health”: Marriage Obligations Survive Divorce

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

Moving is a Troublesome Issue in Custody Cases

Divorce Will Cost, One Way or Another


Wrongly Fired? Must You Accept Your Old Job Back?

Can Dishonesty Get You Fired for Cause?

Law Doesn’t Tolerate Bullying Bosses

When Could a Pay Cut Amount to Job Dismissal?

Must You Accept a Re-Hire Offer if Fired?

Just Cause for Firing an Employee

Employees May Be on the Hook for Quitting

Only “Employees” Can Sue For Wrongful Dismissal

Don’t Slack Off if Given Working Notice

Job Search Required if Given Notice

Employee Fired After Lured Away From Secure Job

Accommodating a Disabled Employee

Did She Quit, or Was She Fired?

Dismissing a Disabled Employee

How Big a Lie Justifies Getting Fired?

Businesses Can Sue Customers for “Wrongful Dismissal”

Company Downsizing or “Wrongful Dismissal”? You Decide

Getting Fired: Pink Slip Protection


Boating Accidents and the Law

Liability Waivers in Recreational Activities

Duffers Beware! Golfers Liability Explained

Who’s to Blame for Sports Injuries?

When Are You Liable for Your Own Sports Injury?

Boating Accidents and Marine Injuries


Pollution Cleanup Costs: How to Share the Pain

Want to Rezone? Know the Rules

Buying a House? Protect Yourself

Your Land or Mine?

Property Disclosure Statements

Buyers: If in Doubt, Get an Inspection

Buyer Beware is Alive and Well

Your New Commercial Lease Deal: Some Pointers

Do You Need Title Insurance?

Why a Survey or Easement?

Seller Wins; House Buyer Loses Deposit

Tainted Houses: Buyer Beware!

Property Purchase Contracts Should Be Complete

Buying or Selling a Tenanted Home

Negligent Property Valuation Costs Realtor

Dangers of Grow-Op Homes

Key Points in a Real Estate Offer

Business Owners: Is Your Lease Protected?

Condo Owners: Check Your Property Insurance

Passing Down the Family Cottage

House Buyers: Beware of Defects

Use Caution if Renegotiating Real Estate Deal

Delay is Most Common Construction Problem

Agreement Key When Investing in Property Together

Owning Property as Joint Tenants vs. Tenants-in-Common

Things to Know When Selling Your Home

Negotiate a Better Lease

Don’t Foolishly Forfeit Property Rights

Avoid Disaster When Buying a Home


Future Bleak After Accident? You Could Get Big Compensation

Psychological Injuries Net Big Dollars

Don’t Settle Too Soon If Hurt in a Car Crash

Assaulted? You May Have a Right to Compensation

Car Crash? Get Legal Help Soon

How Walking Can Cost You Money

Car Crash Compensation for Depression

Hurt in a Hit-and-Run? You and ICBC

If Fido Hurts You, Her Owner May be Liable

Proving Brain Injury May Be Tricky

Injured? Proving Your Lost Earning Ability

Risky to Let Others Drive Your Car

Whiplash Victim Gets Yoga Paid for Life

How Not to Hurt Your Court Case

Strange Injury Nets Large Payments

Pain and Suffering Compensation for Brain Injury

Age Matters When Injured: “Golden Years” Doctrine

Negligent Bars Face Liability for Car Accidents

Psychological Trauma After a Car Crash

Massage and Acupuncture Costs When Injured

Bars and Pubs Liable for Drunk Driving Injuries

Beware Facebook if Suing for Injuries

Bus Accident Victims Get Compensation

How ICBC Assesses Whiplash Pain and Suffering

Compensation for Delayed University Graduation

Buckle Up! No Seatbelt Could Hurt Your ICBC Claim

Hurt in a Car Crash While Working? WCB or ICBC?

Protect Yourself Against Under-Insured Drivers

Maximum Money For Accident “Pain and Suffering”

Compensating Subjective Pain

Mild Brain Injury is Traumatic

Accident Witness Wins Trauma Compensation

Accidents and Reduced Earning Capacity

Video Surveillance Can Impact Your Injury Claim

Car Crash Concussion and its Consequences

Slipping and Falling on Ice

Brain Injuries and Their Effects

Concussions and Post-Concussion Syndrome

“Thin Skull” and “Eggshell” Personality

Using Your Cell Phone to Prove Accident Liability

Medical Exams and Reports in ICBC Cases

Breach of ICBC Insurance Policy is Expensive

Two Accidents, But Only One Lawsuit

Plaintiffs Should Follow Medical Advice (Duty to Mitigate)

“Crumbling Skull” Means Less Money

Courts Better Understand Chronic Pain

Small Accident, But Big Income Loss

Credibility Important in Injury Claims

Negligent Act Must “Cause” the Injury

“No Crash, No Cash” is not the Law

Structured Settlements Good for Some Injuries

Pedestrians Must Take Care

Law Should Compensate Grief

How Do You Compensate for Pain and Suffering?

Accident Benefits for Cyclists and Pedestrians

Bus Driver Responsible for Passenger’s Fall

Judge vs. Jury:  Decisions Differ in Personal Injury Cases

Property Owner May Be Blamed if You Slip and Fall

“Good Samaritans” Compensated if Injured

Compensation for Diminished Earning Capacity

Steps in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Pain and Suffering Awards Boosted on Appeal

What to Do if Hurt in a Car Accident

Car Accident Victims Get Housekeeping Compensation

Negligent Act Must “Cause” the Injury

Courts Look at Lost Opportunities for Women

Whiplash Complaints Can Linger Indefinitely

ICBC Can Discover Too Much Information

ICBC Docs Can’t Interfere With Your Lawsuit

Court Punishes ICBC With Special Costs

Don’t Be Too Quick to Settle an Accident Claim

Chronic Pain a Legal Sore Spot

Whiplash Awards Explained

Personal Injury Awards Not Like Winning the Lottery

Injured in a Car Accident? ICBC and You


Why You Need an Enduring Power of Attorney

Joint Tenancy Can Help – or Bite You

Must Your Will Include Your Spouse and Children?

Can You Reduce Probate Fees?

What BC’s New Wills Law Means for You

Estranged Son Succeeds in Changing Will

Wills and Your Moral Duty to Adult Children

Wills and Common-Law Spouses

Challenging a Will Where Parent Has Remarried

Contesting a Will

Beware of Transferring Money into Joint Account

The Delicate Art of Disinheritance

It’s Worth Preparing a Will Properly

Don’t Panic When Settling the Estate of a Loved One


Collecting Your Debts

Bank Error? You Could Be Compensated

Protect Yourself When Lending Money to Family

Deadlines for Starting a Lawsuit

The Law is an Ancient Thing

Bad Trip: Anatomy of a Lawsuit

Of Chocolate Cake and the Law of Torts

Bottled Snail Paves Way for Law of Negligence

There’s Much to Consider When Deciding to Sue

Don’t Be Shy About Lawyer’s Fees

When Professionals Get Into Trouble

Solicitor Client Privilege Protects You

Libel vs. Slander: What’s the Difference?

Damaging a Reputation Can Be Costly

Travel Troubles Trigger Lawsuits

Dogs, Trees and Other Neighbourly Complaints

Denying Disability Benefits Costs Insurer

Burned House Raises Replacement Insurance Issue

Exclusions Limit What’s Insured: Read Your Policy Carefully