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“You and the Law”® helps small and mid-size law firms grow their business, attract new clients and build their community profile. And it can help establish and build up your firm’s critical online presence.

In a nutshell, we provide a variety of customized topical law columns for both:

Newspaper use – You sponsor the columns for publication in your local newspaper at regular intervals. They’re packaged with your firm’s ad, for which we’ve pre-arranged hugely discounted rates. The law column/ads are a lot more eye-catching than stand-alone newspaper ads (often just skipped-over).

Online use – You publish columns, on topics in which your firm practises, on your firm’s website.

This is proven legal marketing that works. (See Testimonials.)

“[We] see the column as a key component of our marketing effort.”
~ Stephen Turner, Stephen Turner Law

So don’t wait – explore making “You and the Law” an essential part of your firm’s marketing plan now!

Helping you get new clients

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You want results. Well, law firms have plenty of praise for “You and the Law.”

The “You and the Law” columns appeal to a wide audience and generate traffic.

Some firms have sponsored “You and the Law” in their local newspaper, every two weeks, for over 14 years!

The columns will point potential new clients your way. You’d be surprised how many people read their local community newspapers! You will get calls from readers. And existing clients will be pleased to see your firm’s columns and will comment on them. This raises your firm profile and builds your firm’s reputation and name recognition in your community – a very real benefit.

The law columns

Good, free, easy-to-understand legal information is hard to find. People want to know how the law affects them in their everyday lives, and they read the attention-grabbling “You and the Law” columns.

Most columns are about the law in B.C., but those dealing with federal law cover the law throughout Canada. We have a bank of 250+ current law columns and we’re always writing new columns. (See this List of Sample Law Columns.)

We research and write the law columns for you (we’re both lawyers).

We welcome column suggestions and can write columns on topics in your practice area for you.

You choose the columns you want to sponsor, approve them beforehand and can edit them if you like.

Huge discount for newspaper marketing

The columns are published in daily city and community newspapers throughout B.C., like the North Shore News, Burnaby Now, Kelowna Daily Courier, Langley Times and Nanaimo Daily News. In each case, a local law firm sponsors the columns, packaged with the firm’s ad, on an exclusive basis.

These are large and eye-catching law column/ads. (See Sample Newspaper Column/Ads.) And because readers love the columns, newspapers offer hefty advertising discounts (up to 80% off the regular rate) to advertise with the columns.

Firms usually commit to a minimum series of 12 law column/ads, published monthly or once every two weeks.

Building your firm’s online presence

An online presence is critical for your law firm.

People search online for answers to specific legal questions; posting columns on your website will help them find you online, leading them to topics in which your firm practises.

This will also help you reach a different demographic (e.g., younger prospective clients or people who use the Internet exclusively).

Posting new columns regularly as a resource or as blog posts can drive more traffic to your website and bump your website up considerably on Google searches. Exclusive and non-exclusive column web rights are available.

Affordable cost

We understand that small and mid-size law firms don’t have the same legal marketing budgets as larger firms.

Just two or so new files, brought in as a direct result of publishing “You and the Law” column/ads in your newspaper, should more than cover your total cost.

Our rates are very affordable, even for solo practitioners. (See Cost.)

Contact us for rates and more information.

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