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Do you have exclusive newspaper rights?

Yes. You get exclusive, one-use, newspaper print rights to agreed “You and the Law”® columns in your practice area(s) for print publication in your local community newspaper.

During the time that you sponsor “You and the Law”® columns in your paper (the “contract term”), no other law firm will have consent to publish “You and the Law”® columns in your practice area(s) in the same newspaper.

Here’s an example:

If you practise personal injury law in Penticton, no other law firm in Penticton that also does personal injury law will have consent to sponsor personal injury columns in a Penticton newspaper. You will have exclusive print rights to the personal injury columns for Penticton. (If you practise only personal injury law in Penticton, you probably won’t mind, however, if a criminal lawyer, who does only criminal law, sponsors criminal law columns in the same or different Penticton newspaper – as there would be no overlap in prospective clients.)

You understand that other law firms may simultaneously publish the same columns in other newspapers (in other communities).

You also understand that after the contract term, the columns that you sponsored may be published by other law firms in the same newspaper in your community (and also in other newspapers in other communities).

What is the contract term?

Unless otherwise agreed, the minimum contract term is for 12 column/ads, typically published once every two weeks (for a contract term of six months) or once a month (for a contract term of one year).

Toward the end of the contract term, you can decide if you want to continue publishing “You and the Law”® columns for another contract term. Most firms do. Some law firms have continued for more than 14 years.

What about web rights to build your online presence?

For an agreed fee, you may purchase exclusive worldwide web rights to specific “You and the Law”® columns for use on your website as blog posts or online articles (“web columns”), for a specified agreed web term (the “web term”). The web term is usually one year to 18 months per column.

Toward the end of the web term, you can decide if you want to continue displaying the web columns on your website on agreed terms (e.g., by paying a renewal fee for another specified web term). If you decide not to continue hosting these web columns online, you agree to and must remove them from your website at the end of the web term.

You understand that after the web term, other law firms may publish the same web columns on their website for an agreed duration.

Can you select which columns you want?

There are some 250+ current law columns in the “You and the Law”® bank, so you may select the columns you want – there are plenty to choose from. Some firms focus their legal marketing on a particular practice area (e.g., just personal injury and ICBC claims).

We are always writing new columns, and we welcome column suggestions. Just ask if you would like us to write a column on a specific topic for you.

Can you make changes to the columns?

Yes. After consulting with you, we will send you several columns for you to review and approve. Each column must be approved by you before publication. You may add your voice or make appropriate changes, so you can sponsor custom-tailored columns.

Copyright and trademark

Janice and George Mucalov retain copyright to all columns and the right to licence their use to other law firms.

To prevent unauthorized use by readers, published columns must show our names as authors in a format like the following:

Written by Janice and George Mucalov, LL.B.s with contribution by Law Firm. This column provides information only and must not be relied on for legal advice. Please call Lawyer of Law Firm at Phone Number for legal advice concerning your particular case. “You and the Law”® is a registered trade-mark. © Janice and George Mucalov