Designed for small and mid-size law firms, “You and the Law”® is proven marketing that works (see Innovative Legal Marketing for details). And it’s surprisingly affordable! Even for sole practitioners.

Cost for newspaper law columns

Newspapers offer big discounts (up to 80%) for law firms to advertise with the “You and the Law”® columns, which readers love. Advertising and column fees vary, depending on the newspaper, the newspaper’s circulation (higher fees for newspapers with more readers) and size of the column/ad.

Many lawyers report that the new legal work attracted by these column/ads more than covers their total marketing cost (see Testimonials).

You pay the newspaper advertising fee directly to the newspaper. We invoice you monthly for our column fees.

Cost for posting columns on your law firm website

Want to boost your online presence? We offer affordable low-cost rates for both exclusive and non-exclusive online rights for posting “You and the Law”® columns on your website. Online rights can be either:

  • as an add-on to the print newspaper rights (so you package the columns with your ad in your local paper and post the columns on your website)
  • as a stand-alone (so you just post select columns on your website)

Contact us for more information and a quote.